Thursday, July 24, 2014


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Why do you speak to me of stones? It is
only the arch that matters to me.”--Kublai Khan.

Castles will surely crumble, but their stony bones laugh
at Time’s attacks.


Twilight comes to Tacoma, where rich men’s yachts
are foreground for museums.


Union Station, once a terminus, now just
a federal hogan.


The window was an old skeleton, wearing new glass
as cloud mirror.


I found a pipeline being a bridge over oblivious waters.


An old Dodge logging truck can become sculpture,
left to the elements.


Water towers have just become hen’s-tooth scare
as covered bridges.


He was a forgotten king pretending to be
a young wayward prince.


A solitary shoe becomes a clue about a careless
missing child.


Some statues seem to be screaming silently:
seen but never heard.


You must realize that all silver clouds do not have
Rolls Royce on their undersides. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets MTB

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Claudia said...

ugh - the one with the shoe and the missing child pierced my heart.. close to where i live they found an 8 year old boy murdered - so tough... love the stony bones of the castles and the skeleton images glenn

Joseph Hesch said...

Tacoma and the Window...priceless images, Glenn.

Wolfsrosebud said...

loved the bones... dodge, we have one sitting for at least 7 years--- fine art piece... and those expensive silver linings

vivinfrance said...

Some skillful metaphors here. Please, what is a hogan?

Mary said...

I like these, Glenn. I think my favorite is the one about the statues screaming silently! I can visualize that. Another favorite is the one about the window as an old skeleton. Ha, I have a cloud mirror that could use some new glass.

alan1704 said...

Great work with some powerful images - windows- castles - it is an art gallery as you wander from one portrait to the next

Kathy said...

..since I moved from Lakewood I miss Tacoma once in a while...Union Station and a sunset, on Whidbey the sunsets are nice but you still have to be there and not in the you got me with those two, but I love the arches quote and love old cars and trucks art outdoor or in a the Art Museum..smiles...

Gabriella said...

Very powerful and vivid images, Glenn! Those that most speak to me are those about castles, windows and statues. Good use of the American sentences!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Clever stuff Glenn.

The statues: often think this myself. I often wonder if non-sentient things somehow become sentient...
Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

The window was an old skeleton, wearing new glass
as cloud mirror.

wow!!! where do you come up with this ideas? Awesome! poem my friend.

Sumana Roy said...

crumbling images of past become so poignant towards the end with the missing's almost like a visit to an excavation site with hidden stories revealing...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I especially love the window that was an old skeleton.......good ones, Glenn!

Anonymous said...

I liked many of these Glenn. >KB

RMP said...

A lovely collection of american sentences. The missing shoe and screaming statues particularly struck a chord. Definitely some nice use of metaphor in this piece.

Other Mary said...

The silent screaming statues...very vivid. And they make me think of Doctor Who monsters! All good Glen, but that was my favorite.