Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Without Shackles

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Without Shackles

“Imagination trumps knowledge, for knowledge is limited,
& imagination encircles the world.”--Albert Einstein.

When reality fails, I tend to rely on imagination,
as creativity launches salvos of salvation.

Although solitude can be sweet, I am very gregarious,
perhaps even to excess, invading the realm of preposterous. 

In front of any audience, I become a performer;
faced with failure, I still dream of being an achiever.

My greatest treasure has to be my wife,
who shoulders more than half of my strife.

My truest sanctuary resides deeply within Nature;
forests, mountains & the ocean complete the picture.

Now my heart’s garden blossoms with grand-babies,
& my life is full of yeses & no’s, never maybes.

Glenn Buttkus

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X said...

Hey there GB. Was wondering about you over the break.
Imagination is the best defense against reality, that is for sure. You remind me a bit of my son, as he performs everywhere we go.
Nice nod to your wife - they certainly do much for us, eh?
Better to be yes or no, than a maybe - any day.

Claudia said...

nice.. sounds like you found yourself - your life - who you are and who you're not and also the love of your life - sounds peaceful... ha - i like the quote as well... imagination def. IS important - how sad would life would be without

Victoria said...

I really like that you wrote to the personal meaning of the words you chose. You may be a performer on stage and in writing, but, I would say, not when it gets down to the nitty-gritty. On some things, you and I may have differing POV's--but not in when it comes to nature and spouses.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! wow!!! Brilliant! my friend.

True, imagination will always be the best and imagination also brings us poets comfort to our own world of possibilities and visual colors.

Beautifully written, and I love your way of rhyming. :)

P.S I sent you a message on email.

Grace said...

You sound like a happily contented family man who has found his peace ~ I love the ending...no maybes, smiles ~

Great to read you again ~ Hope you are well ~

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I loved how you referred to your wife in such loving verse :)

Marina Sofia said...

Perfect example of what I meant, Glenn - hope it wasn't too much of a hardship for you after all, it certainly doesn't look like it! Great choice of words - I could certainly have foreseen the gregarious and performer and imagination... but it's always nice to have confirmation and to see what they mean to you. As for your wife and grand-babies, that teared me up a little...
You've reached a good point in your life, or so it seems, there's contentment in your lines (but not complacency).

Anonymous said...

Aw, Glenn, this is smashing. I like 'creativity launches salvos of salvation' in particular and your use of alliteration generally. Some nice touches, the image is stunning and fits perfectly with your words. :)

Myrna R. said...

You really know yourself and it's so good of you to share. How wonderful to be that outgoing.
This I don't share with you. But the part about the grandkids, oh yes and the definite yes and no - I'm getting there. Lovely write Glenn.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Glenn, you sound like a happy man to me--and I think maybe life has served you well

Anonymous said...

Your last line says so much about who you are and who you were.

Kathy Reed said...

I like that there are no 'maybes' ...if one doesn't know himself by our ages, we never will I don't think. You describe a wholesome, loving and entertaining household, a soul with miles yet to go before he rests!

Ninot said...

Ten lines! Well done Glenn!

I am glad as you journey through movies and poetry, home keeps you grounded. You surprised me there…

My dearest other half is going to read this. Thank you.

Unknown said...

No maybes, grandbabies.....and still a performer. I do like this muchly. I find it interesting how many of us found our lives a journey but also found love and peace in this prompt. I think while we still look, we know what is important - an incredible lesson to learn.

Unknown said...

Very sweet write, my friend. All yeses and nos... maybes are a waste of a time...

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Oh.. the only place we seem to DIVIDE
is in the realm of LIVING CHILDREN..
am i.. but
the only child
who lives past
me are

Anonymous said...

"When reality fails, I tend to rely on Imagination"--if I read not one other word, this was a brilliant diamond!!!!

Anonymous said...

you seem like a man surrounded
by the best of riches Glenn

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Delightfully done, Glenn, to create a rhyming couplet for each word and describe your life so enviably.

lynn__ said...

I certainly imagine you to be a gregarious and entertaining performer, Glenn! Precious sentiments of your wife as greatest treasure and your heart's garden blossoming with grand babies...succinct and heart-felt.

Sabio Lantz said...

I am not participating in this round, but wanted to see the Buttkus write within a 12 line constraint. And yes, you did a superb job - with a wonderful, honest, snapshot of your wonderful complexity. I enjoyed ButtKus short, sweet and to the point -- less the verbose entertainer. But sometimes, I like the verbose guy too. Like I said, complex.

C.C. said...

Nature is my truest sanctuary as well....and what a beautiful tribute to your wife, too :-)