Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vampires are Real

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Vampires are Real

“The strength of a vampire is that people will not
allow themselves to believe in them.”
--Garrett Fort

I like you too much not to tell you--there are real vampires in 
this world. I am one. I am 72 but I look 35. You know, because
of the tremendous popularity of Vamps in the last twenty years,
& the proliferation of pretender wannabes, it makes it much
easier for us to live amongst you without detection.

You may have noticed that I have a greenish-yellow ring around
my iris, & that I seem short of breath a lot. I pass that off as a
case of asthma. It is unnerving, I’m sure, that when you just
glance at me, I know it, & I stare at you immediately. If you return
my stare, you will not be able to look away until I let you. I have
a thick, heavy aura, but it is not depressing--rather it raises some
euphoric reaction in you.

My fingernails are like clear glass, but are very strong. I sleep in
a bed, not a coffin. I am not immortal, but I live more than a century.
When I’m around, electronic devices often malfunction. I do not appear
to have fangs, but my canines are extra sharp. No one has to be killed 
for blood. We all have relationships with very willing donors, many of 
them Emos. We do substitute blood from herbivores, but blood from pigs & 
chickens is not safe; full of deadly parasites. Sunlight will not kill us, but it 
does make us very uncomfortable, like you having a sunburn, & our eyes 
are super sensitive; thus my constant wearing of cool sunglasses--without 
them we suffer terrible migraines. Consumption of human blood gives us 
immunity to the sun for 2-3 days. 

Sex with a vampire
is heaven cloaked in hell;
something memorable.

Glenn Buttkus


Blogoratti said...

A great and interesting read indeed.

brudberg said...

Ah.. you made that vampire almost human didn't you. Love the description of those eyes... with green inside, and those nails... but really no wrinkly brow or fangs...

Mary said...

Ewwww, you really write a vivid vampire, Glenn. I think I will be looking around at people a bit more carefully now.....looking for that greenish yellow ring around the iris. I find myself wondering just where the human blood comes from, but I guess it is better I do not know!

Toni Spencer said...

Uh oh, I have those green rings around my eyes. My great grandmother always said they were a sign of second sight. I like this human vampire. I am posting a second post, a haibun.

Sabio Lantz said...

Delusions of Vampireness -- Definitely should be put in the DSM VI (next edition)

Bodhirose said...

This reminded me of the HBO series "True Blood" that I used to watch. It had a mixture of exciting Vampire action with a large dose of sex thrown in. We humans do have a real curiosity about such things... Loved this haibun, Glenn!

Grace said...

You made vampires like another human specie, not so far off and different from us ~ Also this can be taken from a metaphor point of view, people sucking blood and sweat from those toiling and willing to work for us ~ Good one Glenn ~

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Whoa...! Vivid, intense and packed with palpable images!

kaykuala said...

If you return my stare,
you will not be able to
look away until I let you

Most intimidating Glenn.Vamps really have a hold on you when it so desires. Will leave the 'memorable' sex part to some other innocent and still memorable episodes. Great humor for the day!


Anonymous said...

I might be having bad greams tonight! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kate Mia said...

Wonderful real
of vampire..
my friend Glenn..
and i really love
the last movie
about Dracula
as it shows the
greaTest Love
is when NOW
human gives
up heart..
to serve
It is often
the Judas
who bleeds most..
while others sit in
and read
the myths
that portray
cold hard
of blood
and flesh..:)

Marilyn B said...

Nasty little suckers. :)

Victoria said...

Have you been hanging around my office, Glenn? My electronic devices are my downfall. I like that you used the 1st person for this.