Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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“When you’re a star, they let you do anything
you want.”--Donald J. Trump.

Michael Moore made a movie
about it, dripping with satire--
but I heard that Trumpland
will be for real;

when the building of the Wall is stalled
due to lack of funding, the POTUS
in 2018 will erect his dream park in Florida,
and of course it will be huuugggee;

bigger & more fun than Dollywood,
brighter than Bollywood,
darker than any of Disney’s lands,
dwarfing Disney World
and the Universal theme parks,
sprawling out like a sinister Kraken.

The Main Street will be called MyWall
Street, where every building, every business
will proudly display the Trump brand.
There will be a gargantuan casino
called Putin’s Palace, and the Russian
decor will be all original & imported.
Putin, himself, will have an executive 
penthouse atop it, and will make several
personal appearances.

There will be ten golf courses,
and 25 cocktail lounges where
ex-Hooter’s blonds will serve
Trump vodka,
Trump Steaks, 
Trump kosher dogs,
& Trump Emperor cheese burgers.

There will be Fashion stores
selling Trump suits.
Trump wigs, ties, & socks--
& Ivanka ladies apparel.

There will be an Armed services
Playland where you can ride in 
real tanks & shoot real guns
while the kiddies can ride on
rockets, humvies & fighter planes
on the military merry-go-rounds.

There will be 50 Trump gift shops
where his fan base can purchase
I don’t have small anythings,
I have a good brain.
Make America great again,
Grab them by the pussy ,
I’ll tell you at the time.
Mexicans are rapists,
Muslims are terrorists,
That makes me smart
ball caps, underwear, & sweatshirts.

To enter the Fun House,
you will walk through Trump’s
huge clown face;
inside after being vetted
one can buy KKK gear
& David Duke books.

There will be Republican elephant rides
shooting galleries with Hispanic, Islamic,
& Democratic targets, Obama & Hillary
Halloween masks, a Trump Tower ride
that will have a rotating VIP restaurant
atop it.  

Billionaires get in for free,
the rest of us will pay
500 bucks per day. 
I suspect ten thousand of his
followers will show up during 
the first week, & he will tweet
it was ten million.

The theme park Trump dreamed of,
that taxpayers paid for,
will go bankrupt after six months,
and mysterious fires will consume 
it all and Trump will sue for the insurance.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

Well, I for one will not be booking a ticket to Trumpland. Your political satire is like a pick jabbing through ice! Wow!

indybev said...

Oh, Glenn, you scamp, you had me falling out of my chair in glee! This is such scathing, wonderful political satire. A standing ovation from my part of the world!

Frank Hubeny said...

A Trumpland seems unlikely, but more likely to actually happen than the wall. But I should never underestimate the power of unlikely events to occur. I did enjoy your description of its potential attractions.

Therisa's World said...

Am scared, your satire will become reality, replacing the traditional Presidental library, for all to read the wisdom (or not) of that President. Either way, I am sure, won't miss this maroon's departure, post haste, as we spend the few decades, repairing the damage done, by him.

brudberg said...

Whatever we can dream of might come real... Maybe there will be a Jeffrey Epstein petting zoo as well...

paul mortimer said...

Pahahaha! Trumpland. Brilliant work! The only trouble is that there is a worrying truth it might actually be a prophetic poem!! Just a wonderful piece of writing Glenn with some great cutting edges.

tonispencer said...

This made me smile hugely with all the attractions and amusements. I wonder what SandersLand would be like? This poem makes me smile but it also makes me sad.

De said...

Gah. I just really can't even stand that face. At all.
You drip with satire, Sir. ;)

Kim Russell said...


Anonymous said...

sensational satire...this could never happen though...wait....what?

lynn__ said...

Hillary-ious, Glenn ;)

Bekkie Sanchez said...

You should definitely share this on your social networks it's brilliant!