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Blackthorne--Scene 63

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Cinemagenic Sixty-Three


“If you find it hard to laugh at your self, I would
be happy to do it for you.”--Anonymous.

1(two-shot) Johnny, over Buck’s shoulder, calm
eyes, after three beats of silence: I am no longer
angry at you, my Buck.
2(medium wide shot) Johnny opened a pine tool
box by the stall.
3(close-up) He snagged a rusted tin of thick yellow-
brown ointment--homemade--probably an Indian
concoction. He gently lifted Bob’s swollen knee,
4(sound cue) Bob’s neigh over snare drum brushing.
5( medium two-shot) Johnny: Easy, young man--this
will make you feel better. He glanced up at Buck--
The anger still simmers.
6(wide shot) Buck threw his vaquero saddle over a 
wooden sawhorse.
7(sound cue) horses nickering, their steel horse shoes 
rapping against the puncheon flooring over a guitar
8(close-up) Buck: Your anger has a companion in my 
own. Shit, I doubt that Sheriff Hop can help much--this
incident happened on open range. 
9(two-shot) over Buck’s shoulder--Johnny: I do not
completely trust Joe Hop. Buck nodded his head in
10(close-up) Johnny: Damn truth is, you probably
saved my life today--bit a flame has erupted in my
chest. I no longer can abide any Bronson pissing on
my pow-wow.
11(sound cue) piano & banjo.
12(two-shot) Buck kneeled down alongside the Eagle,
watching him massage the pungent ointment into Bob’s
swollen leg.
Buck: Christ, that stuff smells like axle grease, bear fat
and cow crap
Johnny: Plus assorted herbs, rose hips, bee pollen, 
turtle spit, and prairie dog piss.
They both laughed.
13(tighter two-shot) over Johnny’s shoulder--Buck, his 
smile fading: I think Thor would have killed one of us, 
& I was not as prepared to die as you were.
14(sound cue) Indian seed rattle & harmonica huffing.
15(close-up) Johnny: We were shoulder to shoulder;
brothers. I could hear my death song on the wind.
16(close-up) Buck: You are my family now--another
reason to rein you in.
17(close-up) Johnny, eyes on his task: Life is not
always a Spring morning. In a blink, it can become
an irritated sow grizzly & can chew your guts out.
18(sound cue) snare drum & saxophone.
19(two-shot) over the Eagle’s shoulder; Buck: Too
true, but hey, picking fleas off a mother grizz’ with
cubs should be avoided.
Johnny snorted in glee, Buck stood up, pushing his
sleeves back, placing his hands on his hips: Alright,
if you think that jughead mule of yours will pull traces
with one of the mustang mares, we will head into
town tomorrow.
Johnny: Good plan. Who knows, if you’re lucky you
might even bump into Miss Salina.

Buck, smiling again: Behave yourself, my brother.

Glenn Buttkus

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brudberg said...

Love that ointment, but I would prefer to have it without the prairie dog piss... I love how they have bonded together now. I think next time they will not give in...

Anonymous said...

In scenes of this my friend have open up a cinema of film-making and genius imagery.

Missed you my friend. :)

Rachel Rosenberg said...

I admit, "Sheriff Hop" made me think of "Officer Hops" from Zootopia.

Truedessa said...

Life is not always a spring morning, so much truth and wisdom in that line,

I am still enjoying these Glenn:)

Kim Russell said...

You've conveyed a sense of togetherness in this episode, Glenn. I know I've said this before, but the sound effects and incidental music add so much to your screenplay and enrich the reading. I love the way Johnny speaks to Bob: 'Easy, young man--this
will make you feel better'. Such tenderness in a violent world.

lynn__ said...

I like the development of loyalty between man and beast and (sometimes beastly) men (even though i don't appreciate their language)...and of course, the musical sound effects and camera angles.

annell said...

Someone in my house loves the old westerns, I have heard the dialog passing through the house. Yours' is far better! And so often they had to yell it!

Frank Hubeny said...

I liked Buck's line: "You are my family now--another
reason to rein you in."

Jericho said...

My favorite parts are #3, the "ingredient list," and the ending. I'm just jumping in, not really knowing the story. But Miss Salina intrigues me.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jericho This saga has been going on since 2013. I took several months recently & reviewed the earlier 58 episodes. It is understandable that very few, other than Bjorn, could keep up. It is an audacious project every which way. I post them on OLN.

Mark Walters said...

That's and interesting wide view of the script. i have read play scripts, but never a movie script. i like the extra cues, it makes it easier to follow the action.

Kathy Reed said...

Love how you measure the grittiness with wit. Probably Bjorn is the only one who has read the entire series, but I'd love to watch this in movie format!

Grace said...

This is my favorite part Glenn:

Life is not
always a Spring morning. In a blink, it can become
an irritated sow grizzly & can chew your guts out.

Enjoyed this chapter ~ Enjoy your weekend ~