Monday, June 26, 2017

Morning's Dance

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Morning’s Dance

“Morning has broken, like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.”
--Cat Stevens.

6:45 am, awakened by the ping of the sprinklers
being activated--and the thrush-thrush-thrush of the
sweet water sings me to my feet. Our temps already
in the the 90’s, the Pacific Northwest is sweltering,
and tender lawns need watering before the heat
blasts. With my wife traveling in Europe, I am the
one who must tend to our old tomcat at the back door
at the first sound of stirring within. His guttural plea
wafts like a crowing to neighbors.

I sit for a few precious minutes on our deck, sipping
tea, enjoying the brisk breeze, stimulating the lovely 
leaves to dance on the huge old maple across the 
fence. I shower quickly, wolf down some fruit and
yogurt before heading out the door, I have planned
a photography junket up valley in old town Kent,
before the onerous heat & oppressive traffic will
drive me back to my a/c & waiting computer.

The large maple leaves
dance & undulate in the

early morning’s stir.

Glenn Buttkus


Grace said...

Love the sounds of the morning, from the ping of sprinklers to the sounds of the tomcat. Good for you to start early in your photography junket before the heat drives us all indoors. The dance of the maple leaves in the early morning is a lovely haiku. Enjoyed the reading too~ said...

Oh yes....early morning is the best time in the summer to be up and about and outside...even nature agrees. Your haiku says it well! :)

Kim Russell said...

Ooh, I still listen to Cat Stevens on CD. We used to sing that when we were at school as a hymn, long before he recorded it, and I love it very much.
The sound effects in your haibun are so summery - they remind me of a movie but I can't think which one. I can just imagine that old maple - maple leaves are star-shaped!

Anonymous said...

With Cat as the soundtrack and also outside the door this summer poem could never be anything other than cool.

brudberg said...

What a glorious morning with that sound of sprinklers waking you... (here we have sprinklers from the sky instead). Such a nice morning routine... a pity to have to escape to a/c after morning has truly broken.

Alison H said...

Conjures up the heat of summer so well, glad you are still looking after the cat...

Frank Hubeny said...

It doesn't often get into the 90s, but I have been in Phoenix with 120 degree F. With that kind of heat the morning and evening are the best times of the day.

indybev said...

My daughter, who lives in Salem, Oregon, tells me the heat has been oppressive of late. You're wise to take your photography sojourn early. I love the neighborhood sounds of the sprinklers and the wailing cat!

Jane Dougherty said...

Good portrayal of the heat. Maple leaves hanging limp and no breeze stirring. Morning is the only time to be out.

Jilly said...

A day of shooting is like no other - lovely words, Glenn!

Sue Vincent said...

It sounds wonderful... esecially the air conditioning... England is not well supplied with a/c. We sedo need it :)

Sascha Darlington said...

Sounds like a great start to a morning.

Sumana Roy said...

This is a luxurious summer morning with sounds of music. Also the indoors with a.c. is not less enjoyable.

Toni Spencer said...

Your neighborhood sounds a lot like mine, except there's only four houses back here. Rocking haiku Glenn!! Starting the day off early seems to increase exponentially in the summer with the heat. Starting in July my days will start off at 6 am.....I really enjoyed this haibun.

Kathy Reed said...

Well, I hate to say it, but where I live, a mere 50 miles or so from you, it is paradise in the high 70's all week. Over the water (in Amerika, we say) the pavement must be 100 degrees and anywhere it is over 80 and people are working outdoors, I don't envy them their suffering. Hope your photography jaunt was a good one!
Surely this won't last as long as we would like it to.

Toni Spencer said...

I wasn't sure if my comment showed up here. It was a very nice pic of suburbia and leaving it to go in search of the perfect photo. The hotter it gets, the earlier I start; But July 4 I'll be starting my day by 6:00 am/ The haiku at the ends truly rocks.

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