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Blackthorne--Episode 88

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Cinemagenic Eighty-Eight


“Why then, O brawling love, O loving hate,
O anything of nothing first create.”
--William Shakespeare.

1(sound cue) guitar chord
2(medium close-up) Thor, his face reddening,
pulling off his shirt: Don’t give me any more of your 
pacifist bullshit! You know damn well what this about--
so just jerk your shirt off and get your fists up...or I 
will lay into you right where you stand.
3(two-shot) Salina came up to Buck and kissed him.
4(close-up) Thor: Only a slut would do that in public.
5(sound cue) Thor’s men laughing over blues guitar
6(medium close-up) Salina: Hey, these days, sluts
are something you’d know a lot about.
7(extreme close-up) Buck’s eyes simmering with fury
8(medium wide shot) Buck unbuttoning his shirt, his
back to the camera. Salina facing him, forcing a 
small grin, her chin quivering. Thor in the background,
slightly out of focus.
9(sound cue) harmonica huffing, accelerating slowly,
like a train picking up speed.
10(cut to overhead crane shot) People became 
hushed as they pushed back, letting the circle widen. 
Buck stepped further into it.
11( two steadicam operators) the fight will be handled
in wide shots, close-ups, and alternating POV’s. The
action will simply be described:
Thor came in slowly, circling the bigger man, dancing,
his fists windmilling. Buck stood flat-footed, turning to
face Thor at every point.
Thor: Come on, big man, now’s the time--show me 
how tough you are.
Buck didn’t even have his fists up.
Someone in the crowd yelled: Damn, are you two
fellers going to dance or fight?
Buck turned his head to answer, and Thor rushed
in, tackling him low, bringing the hunter to the boards.
The gunfighter hammered at Buck’s stomach, hitting
him with stiff punches. Buck swung a wide fist up 
from the floor, and it collided with the side of Thor’s
head, spinning him off. Buck partially sat up,
gulping for air. Thor leaped on top of him, twisting
a half-nelson over his head. Buck muscled up to
his knees, with Thor cursing and squeezing on him.
He squirmed around in the other’s grip, partially
facing him. The hunter wrapped his long thick arms
around the gunfighter, beginning to apply pressure 
of his own, squeezing the marrow out of Thor’s
ribs; both men immobile, frozen, straining and
squeezing, their eyes rolled back in the sockets,
their faces turning purple. One could have heard
a horseshoe nail drop.
           Thor exploded--kicking, squirming and
screaming. Buck held fast. The hardcase kicked
him in the leg, but Buck’s grip remained iron. Thor,
in a frenzy, kicked again and again, slamming the
hard heel of his shiny boot into Buck’s knee cap.
Buck howled and lurched sideways, rolling across
the floor, still clutching the smaller man. In the
middle of the third roll, with Buck on top, Thor
managed to rock backwards, and punched the
hunter in the throat. Buck let go and flopped over
on his back, as Thor scurried free.
              Buck stayed down as the hardcase
bounced to his feet. Buck got up to his hands and
knees. Thor leaped in and kicked him in the butt, the
thud filling the room, Thor’s gang cheered him on.
The hunter rocked up onto his shaky knees. Thor
kicked him in the small of the back. Buck caught his
balance with one arm--the black boot lashed out 
toward his stomach. Buck caught it with his other
hand. Thor jerked back, but Buck had hold of his
whole leg.
           As if in slow motion, the fighters pulled their
fist behind their ears and swung simultaneously.
Their clenched white-knuckled fists whizzed past
each other in the dead air. Thor’s blow landed
squarely on Buck’s jaw, and the hunter delivered
a smashing blow to the gunfighter’s groin. Buck’s
head snapped back, and the room began to spin. be continued.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub

9 comments: said...

..... no no no.....keep going!!!!! I want to know how the fight ends!!! That's a very cruel "To be continued!" :)

brudberg said...

This is so visual I can see it... love the detail of you letting in the cameramen in the middle... as if they are actually part of the plot. It is still a cliffhanger... but I guess that Thor will start to cheat soon.

Kim Russell said...

Oh my goodness! This fight scene is brilliant. Do you act it out wile you write, Glenn?

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Whistles!❤️ This is absolutely superb in terms of scene execution, Glenn! I particularly loved the exchange between Thor and Salina in the beginning. What a sassy mouth on that woman! What I wouldn't give to have this scene acted out!❤️

Jade Li said...

Thor needs to be taken out and now. There is no playing nice with a brute like that. Exciting fight sequence and scene as a whole.

Grace said...

Goodness that is some fighting action scenes - whoohooo!!!

robkistner said...

My friend you paint the picture vividly - only one problem... YOU DIDN’T FINISH THE DAMNED THING! I assume there will be satisfaction in the next installment... :-) This was excellent Glenn! I hope a movie, or novel, or limited series made for Netflix comes from this. If I had any way I’d make it happen for you. Write on dude!

Frank Hubeny said...

They finally started fighting.

Gina Gallyot said...

you had them suspended in mid air like a frozen section....awww come on! more please!