Thursday, February 14, 2019

State Fair

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State Fair

“The Iowa State Fair sells fried sticks of butter--
nice to see how pro-life they are.”--Anonymous.

Marvelous fun awaits, in mid-summer at the
Washington State Fair, after paying the fee.
Cooking smells permeate like nectar for a bee.
Rollercoasters plunge making us yell Wheeee!

Barbecue, burgers, fish, and elephant ears--
winning Teddy bears bring us to joyful tears.
Driving bumper cars create loud rebel yells.
On the giant ferris wheel we face our fears. 

Cotton candy, jam scones, fudge and sugar corn.
Falling in the Space Drop makes one forlorn.
There’s pygmy pig races and pungent flower huts.
There’s shooting tin ducks, and red plastic horns--

chuck wagon parades and a real Cowboy Rodeo--
crossbows, swords, Bowie knives and a gun show--
sno-cones, yogurt and ice cream of every flavor,
and chess matches with formidable foes.

In the huge barns we’re greeted by lovely smells
of critter scat and fresh hay, plus sound of a cow bell.
We spent a lot of money, but what the hell,
we skip home humming “Farmer in the Dell”.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


Jilly said...

Oh, the imagery! The imagery! What an excellent choice of topic for engaging our senses, Glenn. You take me right there with the sounds and smells and motion.

Jade Li said...

Glenn you brought the experience to life with your words. I love this!

robkistner said...

This great Glenn. A lotta shit goes down at them state fairs. This captured that excitement well! When I was yonger, my father was a Pinkerton man. He always made sure he got assigned to security at the Ohio State Fair, and the Butler County, and Hamilton County fairs near our Cincinnati home. I loved going 'cause we got in FREEEEE! My two favorite things were scale model farm tractors and attachments he would get me, and the Freak Shows - which are no longer PC. My favorite freak was aligator boy. I see you were ambitious and wrote an entirely new poem. Congrats! Well done! I thought about but, but couldn't get the imagination going full tilt. I just did a revision of my original Rubaiyat. Peace brother!

Gina Gallyot said...

makes me want to go back in time! you do these pieces amazingly well, when the words just flow form your pen, like a story unfolding so precisely

brudberg said...

This is a wonderful and fun-filled description... somehow I think that fairs are not like this anymore... (sorry for being late, my workweeks are intense these days)

Frank Hubeny said...

It has been many decades since I have been to a state fair. You've helped me recall some of those memories.