Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Painting by Rick Mobbs

On Rick Mobbs fabulous blog site, MINE ENEMY GROWS OLDER, he has a series of collective storybooks, and one of them is "tapestry fragment". He is one hell of a writer. Check out his site. I include a segment of his work.

May 30, 2008 by rick mobbs

My knowledge crumbles.
The trees
and the soldiers,
the mountains.

We go bounding
over the edge
of the precipice
and the dolphin laughs
to greet us.

God veils our faces
and buries our joys,
our madness,
our passions.

We are comets
wheeling out
into emptiness,
wishing to extinguish
the shoplights
and go home.

I go a vast distance,
collecting experience,
trading stories
with strangers.
I shall return
to this place
and bring other gifts
when I come.

I was bred
for war
and storm,
for fire
and hunger,
but I was also
bred for
other than violence.

We pick through
the centuries
for our scattered bits
and pieces,
and find them
and remembered
and tossed ashore
by dolphins.

We are refreshed
by cool moonlight
even as restlessness
undoes us.
We read meaning
in the way
the air shimmers.

We are banished
from love
until we learn
until we
no longer love
and we
no longer fear

What could be
more fair?

Rick Mobbs

Dear readers, for more of Rick's wonderful words, click over to his site,
http://rickmobbs.wordpress.com and immerse yourself in its wonders.


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rikkitikki said...

Dear Glenn, I like the image you chose and what you have done with the original prose. In the spirit of collaboration I think you should give yourself credit for casting the original prose into lyric/poetic form. This is interesting...