Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Triple Damn Cat

Painting and Poem by Rick Mobbs

Triple Damn Cat

Opened the door
to see the tail
of the cat
that’s all I saw
just the tail
of the cat--
but the rest
of the cat
was there
I just didn’t know where
(or really care).

Till down came
the witch calling
cat! cat!
where you at,
zoomin’ around
on her stick,
pounding the ground
cat! cat!
even louder than that!

I watched
through the crack
in the door
but the light
on the floor
drew her look,
and I knew I was
fucked, fucked,
forever fucked,
all that it took
was one look
and she had
every cell
as it split
and all of my entities,
my extra personalities,
my torn heart
that snagged
on a branch
as she flew off with
the cat,
damn cat,
triple damn cat;
and she
she laughed,
imagine that?

I’m all
hollowed out
and she’ll eat me
for lunch,
and she

She goodnights
the moon
and she leaves
me alone
cat, cat,
will you ever
come ever come ever come
Will you?
Will you ever come back?

Rick Mobbs May 19, 2008

**** Gently rearranged by Glenn Buttkus.

1 comment:

rick said...

I like it Glenn. Seeing a familiar poem recast in a new form is a strange experience, a little unsettling, but I do like it. When I shake free of some other things I am going to explore the other things you arranged. I look forward to it. Peace, brother.