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My Take On Orlando by Virginia Woolf

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My Take On Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Artiste denied
Bluest blood did flow through his veins
Twice Broken
Once abandoned by love
Once his art ridiculed by snobbery
He ascends into himself
Due by the cruelty of others.

She appeared with party by sled
Traversing a frozen sea
Leaving her Russian land
and northern tongue.
A vision dressed in Oyster colored velvet
and greenish colored fur
Blush cheeks and darkest eyes
Strange stunning features
Striking cupid's arrow
Sincere her gregarious personality
Enchanted and delighted was he
As she mimicked the howl
Not once but three times of
Her hounds left behind.
She virtuous,
Unlike those that pursued him,
Stuffy and confined,
Looking only to crudely secure
his noble purse.

Sasha and he,
Shared one common tongue
Shared by no other
Within their retinue
Their intimacy would bind them
And capture did she,
His fickle heart completely.
A deal was struck by and between
To meet in secret perhaps to bed or wed.

A few hours was all that separated them...

The signal came and without warning
Ice pack sudden and irreversible crack
No time to cement a decision to stay
perhaps their love unseasoned?
Back to her sled
swiftly moving, no goodbye said.
Fleeing in the dark,
him left behind
Sasha broke Orlando’s heart.

The flood gates did open
Furniture and fortunes flow the Thames
The swollen river now lake
claimed all the lower levels
water gushed straight from the devil himself
Did not borrow from its victims
All the life it did take
Those that survive the loss they weep
Tears bob like crystal ice burgs
Some small but his steep.

Well past the witching hour
Quill after quill
with ink pot to spare
page after page
He did fill

Kristen Haskell

Posted over on her site Living In the Middle
Listed as #36 over on Magpie Tales 44

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