Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sledding With Cats

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Sledding with Cats

Circling in white whirling sand,
Old eyes blinded by the summer,
And numb feet in hard shoes
cannot tell it’s snow.

A car drives by on a silent street,
Ghost at the wheel
Singing a thirty year old song
Thinking it’s still

The house, it’s empty, still.
Against the wall, a sled rusts,
Propped by children’s hands
Against a snowy day
Long gone,
Too many calculators and keyboards ago.

Still, in the granite sky
Ten clouds make a wall
Where the sun guards its back
And holds as best it can that high ground
Against an empire of Cold
Knowing what it loses one day
On another will come back.

A child gets out
Another sled, and finds another
Hill, another child, another winter,
Leaning against the door
And cries out loud the news
So even ghosts can hear.

And a dog that knows no better
Drags her woman relentlessly
Through cold frozen drizzle in
An infinite orgy of
Evergreen canine spring .

Inside windows
cats are laughing.

Joyann Jones

aka: hedgewitch

Posted over on her site Verse Escape
Listed as #63 over on Magpie Tales 44

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