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Fireworks 1924, A Cinemagenic Poem

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Fireworks 1924, A Cinemagenic Poem

1 a gunshot (fade in)
2 a hand illuminated holding a revolver (dissolve into)
3 a hand sporting a diamond ring that
4 blows to pieces like a fireworks display with the inscription
ALL THIS BECAUSE OF LOVE (double exposures moving
from one image to another) a dance pavilion (full shot)
& the sparks dying away
5 a street corner (fade out) the helmets of 3 policemen
6 a coffee house a lady on the phone (full shot)
7 it rings a few times
8 a gentleman’s quarters (full shot)
9 the telephone bell (close up)
10 the lady setting the receiver down
11 the clock on the clocktower moonlight 10 o’clock
12 in the fields a hare is running down a path
13 sniffing with whiskers erect (dissolve)
14 the hare standing up on its hind legs
15 from the bushes a gentleman with monocle steps out
16 a coffee house (full shot)
17 a detective observes a lady’s hand move nervously
along a marble table
18 the diamond transmutes into
19 a show window with a passing tram’s reflection
20 the detective pays his check & as he hands the money
over surreptitiously displays
21 his badge (dissolve into close-up)
22 the detective goes to the lady’s table
23 asks for permission
24 thumbs thru magazines
25 & newspapers (dissolve into close-up)
27 the detective while choosing a magazine stares
deep into the lady’s eyes (medium close shot)
28 the lady getting up (full shot)
29 the detective grabs his heart &
sinks down to the floor (fade out)
30 a crowd of guests & waiters
31 the lady puts a handkerchief on the detective’s head
32 (close-up) the detective’s hand picking a photo &
2 tram tickets from the lady’s bag
33 in the fields the hare is pricking up its ears
34 a railway station where a train is being boarded
35 a gentleman with monocle at ticket counter
36 a hand plugging lines in at the phone exchange
37 the detective makes a call while staring
at the tram ticket
38 index finger in the book
39 the tram ticket held in two hands as it grows
in size till it dissolves into
40 the image of the tram (interior)
41 the dispatcher in his office struggling to recall
something (medium close shot)
42 presses his index finger to his forehead (full shot)
43 & gives a smile (medium close shot)
44 giving a large banknote to the gentleman
with the monocle seated beside the lady in the tram
45 a maze of telegraph wires
46 a postal clerk pondering a telegram
47 a lookout post in front of which
there stands a yardman
48 the yardman runs into the lookout
49 a corridor inside the train down which
the man with monocle is passing
50 he is entering the toilet
51 dumping his revolver
52 his pocket watch
53 (fade out) in the dark a sign HOTEL
54 the lady in bed turning from side to side
55 (medium close shot) opening her eyes, a sad look
56 the yardman presses a button
57 the semaphore (dissolving into medium close shot)
is moving slowly up & down
58 an automobile in motion
59 (medium close shot) detective holds
an open timetable in his hand
60 the dispatcher looking at the man with monocle &
at the lady who are walking over to an island
lit by lanterns (dissolves)
61 (medium close shot) the dispatcher talking
to a policeman
62 the train is stopping
63 the auto speeding up approaching
64 the lady hand on bed a handkerchief to forehead
65 the locomotive whistle
66 the detective standing on the train steps
67 the hare has reared up on its hind legs
68 a hand with a revolver
69 an eye behind a monocle
70 the monocle falls to the floor & shatters
71 the gentleman standing without moving
72 a gunshot (fade in)
73 a hand illuminated holding a revolver
(dissolves into) a diamond
74 into a shrapnel burst with the title
ALL THIS BECAUSE OF LOVE (double exposure)
a pavilion full of dancing couples
75 the leg of a jazz drummer at his drums
76 (medium close shot) a band stand lined with
sheets of music & the title ALL THIS BECAUSE OF LOVE
77 in front of a shooting gallery the man with the monocle
& the lady he takes aim & fires
78 (close-up) a metal rabbit painted silver falling over
79 (medium close shot) the gentleman &
lady laughing fit to burst
80 the gentleman is rubbing at his eyes
81 a kiss behind the parasol
82 the hare’s whiskers & one side of the hare’s face
moving & dissolving into a fountain its waters turning
drop by drop into the words


Vitezslav Nezval

Translation from Czech by Jerome Rothenberg & Milos Sovak

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