Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hallmark's Lament

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Hallmark’s Lament

Some day hopefully
we will meet our own gaze
in a storefront, or see
in the eyes of beggars,
or priests or parents or partners;
the truth about that sensation
radiating in our chest,
and the lucky ones
will experience the epiphany,
the disrobed realization
that Love never claims victims--
that is a role only self-inflicted.

We want to be, need to be participants
in Love, recipients, consumers,
beings transformed by it, resculpted
and reconstituted into multi-souled organisms--
for it is only love that completes us all,
and without this wisdom
we are just running naked
down a street of broken glass
looking for shoes.

Glenn Buttkus

February 2011

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Dana Jackson said...

ts beautiful Uncle Butch, really cool that I may have inspired one of my greatest poets, YOU! I love you so much, and thanks for always commenting on my posts. xxxooo's ♥♥

Lynne Rees said...

Great poem, Glenn. What do you think about changing the title? 'Naked', perhaps?

Best wishes

Lane Savant said...

My feet hurt.

David Gilmour said...

Oh, lovely, sick Jack Valentine, I wish you back a luscious stick of pep’mint rock.
How quickly we forget the sleeping maidens and lovesick lads we’ve devoured. --David