Thursday, November 7, 2013

Glenn, Yes--but not Ford, Beck, Close, Campbell, Fry, or Miller

photograph of glenn by shane shier

Glenn, Yes--but not Ford, Beck, Close, Campbell, Fry, or Miller.

“Glenn accepts this, & is now looking at how best to shape
his squad with the money that’s available.”--Jez Moxley.

Google gives up 5,020 results when you type in
my name; that always amazes me.

Glenn is listed over on IMDb, spent a dizzying decade
as a professional, moving excitingly from high school
to community to college theatrics & attended the
prestigious Professional Actor’s Training Program
at the U of W.

Glenn is on Facebook, and some friends call him
frenzied, & the King, averaging 80 postings per day,
and regularly spanked/restricted by FB for trying
to do too much; often posting his poetry & photography.

Glenn is listed over on & his Bio 
is starting to sound/look very familiar. 

Glenn is listed as a member of LinkedIn, only
got involved because some of his friends
invited him.

Glenn is on Twitter, & in a little over a year
has tweeted 12,000 times; listed as an
ex-teacher, ex-actor, & ex-wage slave;
now retired, & running with the dVerse dogs.

Glenn lives in Sumner, WA, near Tacoma,
and his phone #/address dangles nakedly
for all to peruse on 

Glenn spent 33 years as a Blind Rehab Specialist,
worked for the VA, & is still listed out on the
Tacoma Rehabilitation Site at

Glenn is “Calling All Film Buffs” to join the
Tacoma Film Club in an article under City Life

Glenn is listed under the fetching Code
#1053422923 on the suspicious NPI
Number Repository Lookup Service
over at

Glenn once gave an interview about the
TFC as part of the Washington City Arts
over at

Glenn started his joyful international networking
with other worldwide poets in 2009 over on
out of England & France.

Glenn is often surprised by how many of poems
just show up on websites & blogs he never
heard of, like FOUR BUCK GAS over on

Glenn discovered that there are 17 other people
named Buttkus listed on Facebook, Twitter, 
& My Space according to

Glenn attended several of the cyber-Balls over at
Tess Kinkaid’s 

Glenn is the Director of the Tacoma Film Club,
has been a member for 9 years, & hosts
screenings, & discussion nights; so sayith

Glenn has a personal blog site, [yes, only one],
called FEEL FREE TO READ, over at, started up in 2007 with
the help of friends, has posted 9,374 times,
sports 522,100 pageviews, & most of his 
postings get flagged often by Google. 

Glenn’s shocked to see his personal health data
dangled diligently over at

Glenn was graciously interviewed by Laurie Kolp
as a monthly spotlight on PRETZELS & 

Glenn is listed as a 1962 graduate of Chief Sealth
High School over at

Glenn, eons ago, used to be a Top Reviewer
over at, racking up 98 film reviews,
& 577 Listmania Lists.

Glenn, somehow, mistakenly I assume, got his
Bio listed on Biography of Famous People
at the hell’s up with that?

Glenn recently became a member of the
Tacoma Filmmakers & Screenwriters group
over on

Glenn was a finalist in 2008 with one of his
War Poems, ON PATROL, over at

Glenn can be seen online over at the
“Best selection of free streaming Glenn Buttkus
movies” on but
don’t blink or you might miss the cameos.

Glenn is the primary writer/contributor of film
announcements & reviews over on the
posting over 400 times, including 70 movie
reviews, where we discover that the Tacoma
Film Club has been called a “Haven for Film
Buffs” by the Tacoma News Tribune.

Glenn’s poetry submissions were rejected by

Glenn is listed as a guest critic & film discussion
leader for the Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA.,
over at

Glenn never realized that he actually had been
nominated for a Shorty Award at the 54th annual
event; who knew?

Then on Page 7 of the Google list we start to bump
into the Buttkus dooplegangers: Tricia, Walter, Pat,
Kurt, Jim, Diana, & Joshua;

and then Buttkus morphs into Buttrum, Butterton,
Buttkins, Butterfield, Buttner, Buttkey, Buttendo,
Buttner & finally Butts;

I just hate it when Google allows this
to happen--it makes me feel so


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Mary said...

Well I would say that is quite a BIO, Glenn. Google really supplies a lot of interesting information for those who are interested / curious enough to seek it. You have a fascinating set of credentials!!

Brian Miller said...

haha buttrum...that will keep you humble in light of all the other stuff you have done...quite accomplished good sir...and nice eyes...that is not a come on, just an have had an interesting life for sure...

Susan Daniels said...

Love it.

Björn said...

What a great CV.. just out of Google.. but at the end there are some ifs and butts ...his hi.. you gave us a great list.

Claudia said...

haha...ok i like butterfiel...maybe cause it's close to schönfeld which translates to nicefield you to get to know you a bit better glenn said...

I'm not sure we're allowed to have this much fun, but I'm glad you did. Fascinating.

rumoursofrhyme said...

This Glenn sounds like a busy and accomplished fellow - I'm glad I know him ... smiles

Nico said...

This is great! I think it's better to be Glenn Buttkus than any of the other Glenns out there--though Glenn Fry wouldn't be so bad either! Nicely done.

Victoria said...

So there's your bio! Enjoyed the derivatives of Butkus, too. You are a busy productive man...way to go. Way to age. We're not bad for old farts, heh?

Grace said...

This had me in stitches...ha..ha....after all of that accomplishments, how could you be anonymous, smiles ~

vb holmes said...

Great bio, great life--with lots of creative activity to keep it interesting.

Laurie Kolp said...

Glenn was graciously interviewed by Laurie Kolp as a monthly spotlight on PRETZELS & BULLFIGHTS over at

Aww... you are such a Glenn. = )

Katie said...

Ha! Nice!! It's always fun googling your own name! :-)

Margaret said...

… all the derivatives of your last name I'm sure keep you humble. :)

Semaphore said...

Hard to resist a self-referential poem, as this one is! This is, as with much of your replies to poetic challenges, epic. You manage to evoke the grandeur and the depth of Google, while at the same time highlighting how much irrelevance there is to a certain subject. said...

Oh my goodness, there is so much meat to this - and like an addict, I hoovered it all up! The most glorious ending though, is the part that made wish I could give a real-life high five - after all that info, you feel so anonymous, just because of name-spelling errors. Brilliant. :)

Semaphore said...

I am re-reading your poem, it is so conceptually good, it's now a poem I wish I'd written (and maybe I will do a version one day, but with 'Samuel' instead!). Brilliant!