Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dancing Boys

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Dancing Boys

“Priests don’t like to say raped--they prefer misdeed, 
inappropriate touching, or a mistake. That is insulting.
I am not a mistake.”--Charles L. Bailey, Jr.

What does Michael Jackson
& Wal-Mart have in common? Little
boys underwear half off.

I saw a haunting piece on CNN this morning, all about how the
American military has to turn a blind eye to the Afghan generals,
politicians, & religious leaders who all have sex slave young boy
companions. One prominent general said, “It is the way of things.
 I could not compete with the others if I did not have a boy”. I must
submit that sometimes for Westerners, the heart makes the 
simplest things so damn complicated--how the reality of things
allows Afghan leaders to go all Kite Runner & shit & we are expected
to respond like a muzzled declawed grizzly or a lioness with 
belladonna in her eyes; so that bold child rape can be excused as
some kind of acceptable Muslim socialization, that we must not tamper
with the sick, perverted Afghan customs for fear that we might disrupt
our fragile relationships with the men in power? For Christ’s sake, two
American sergeants were booted out of the Army for assaulting an
Afghan officer who was bragging about having sex with his boy. Have we
all gone insane?

Personally, the sordid fact that there are Catholic cardinals & bishops
who keep harems of alter boys dampens my enthusiasm for the
lauded arrival of Pope Francis at the White House today. Can you
image Obama in the Lincoln Room saying, “Welcome to America,
Frankie. Tell me though, what are your views on pedophile priests--
did you ever bugger young boys on your way up?”  It throws a
sickening shade like shadow dancers, that nauseating image of
young Afghan boys shaking their pre-adolescent butts for those
old men, who in my book are hardly a cut above those who practice
bestiality with farm animals, chickens, & dogs.

When I look at my beautiful grandchildren & think about all those
child pornographers & twisted demented predators who want to have
sex with them, who tweet & text to our children, I cum every time I
look at those craved images of you”, I get a little crazy, wanting to
shoot eggs with guns, or personally perform the rites of castration
that will swell the ranks of eunuchs. I don’t care that this moral stigma 
has been with mankind throughout recorded history, damn it, we need
stand our ground on this issue--even though our intervention
will do about as much good as it does to complain of the
Muslim treatment of women.

The rape of young boys
is unacceptable, within the church
or any other society.

Glenn Buttkus


brudberg said...

The rape of children done anywhere. boys or girls will make me sick.. and when religion supports it, instead of protecting the week it becomes even more sickening, at least we live in a society where it can be condemned.. well placed sentences Mister.

Anthony Desmond said...

damn man... fucking love what you did with my lines! it seems like one big circle, this subject... people in general act like this is something we should look over. Will rape ever be stopped? I doubt it... there are sickos in every generation... btw, you know the whole Michael Jackson situation was proven to be bullshit, right? Lies, for money... Of course, media didn't make a big deal about that news... They made sure to keep dirt on MJ's name...

Marina Sofia said...

Wow, you went in a completely different direction with those very innocent-seeming, poetic lines of Anthony's! Very unexpected, and I hear your indignation.

Toni Spencer said...

Rape of anyone, any age is unacceptable. The fact that the current pope is trying to clean up this mess, to eradicate it says much for his intolerance of such a practice. So many things used to be the custom of the country - whichever country - until finally decent people say enough...fight the fight and stand against it. And this practice among the muslims tells a truth about them they kill to keep quiet.

Pleasant Street said...

This is hard to read. Unacceptable is right and I respect you for pulling no punches.

Kate Mia said...

Oh.. to change human
nature to restrict
young men
away from
women.. whether
in priests with
imprisoned peckers..
or women hidden
away in brown
paper bags..
from Afghan
sick fetishes
are the result
and change
truly comes
when all
are released
according to Nature..
instead of sick twisted
words of religion and culture..
anyway.. my Grandfather said
F it and
left the
Church as priest
and exposed this
stuff well
now.. in
the middle of last
century.. additionally
with a book titled
'Behind the Dictators'..
still available for free
with a PDF search
on Google..
i like to
and more
feel.. i carry on
his 'work' above
and beyond his
yeah.. rapists
make me sick
and they come
in Dowry form..
too.. all legal
on the wedding
night in sanctified
rape.. as rape
is only
one willing
part of consensual
tasteS.. anyway..
only a sign
of both
false..still NOW..
people will do
anything to be
accepted in life..
no matter how sick
and perverted the rules do get...
Female Genital mutilation is rape as well..
UGH.. some
huh.. feeding..
mutilating now..
on members
of one's own

Grace said...

Totally unacceptable, I can't even stomach the idea ~ You rock the lines in a totally different way Glenn ~ Kudos to you for raining an important but sad and sickening reality ~

Victoria said...

Tough subject for sure. I don't know of anyone who can write an essay like this that is so poetic and raw brutality. Power and sexuality are way too often confused and abused. Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

"Religion is the most malevolent of all mind viruses." - Arthur C. Clarke

It's a horrible idea that God, this paragon of wisdom and knowledge, power, couldn't think of a better way to forgive us our sins than to come down to Earth in his alter ego as his son and have himself hideously tortured and executed so that he could forgive himself.
~Richard Dawkins

Unacceptable, the images can't stomach the idea.

You sir, have driven the fire so high on this poem.

Excellent work on making us the readers see reality in its sickening way.

P.S Stop by my page...and read my new poem.

X said...

Well you certainly brought the baseball bat with this one. It pisses me off actually. We had to overlook? Uh, yeah - not imagine the life you condemned the boy to, the boys. I used to work with victims of abuse and there were plenty of times I had to keep myself from beating the shit out of some people because of the things they did. Whew man, you are getting me riled up a bit.

Dawn Paoletta said...

That story was so upsetting this morning...one of the reasons I hate watching news, but I read that...and you ar right...all insane. I like the way you went out on a limb and in a different direction here, Glenn.

Mary said...

I like the way you used the words to make a strong point. Rape of children by anyone-Afghan general or priest-deserves to be exposed and stopped. You drew attention to a problem which is so often swept under the carpet. A brave & worthy poem.

lynn__ said...

Hard-hitting, Glenn. Perhaps priests should be allowed to marry...and I agree with you about castration and eunuchs!

Truedessa said...

Wow - you have a strong voice and one that needs to be heard. This subject makes my stomach turn as these kids are victims. When will it stop?

Anonymous said...

A needed voice... well done, Glenn

sreeja harikrishnan said...

How sick our societies have become.....I bow to your write......who can make the mindsets clear once more......??

Marilyn B said...

Well said!

Kathy Reed said...

The more I see these true stories in the news, the more I detest the ancient styles of life that persist even in this modern world...and I am sickened by the knowledge that my grandchildren are watching and are subject to so much reality in the media that they are innocent in mind and thought for such a short time before they see the news of adults perpetrating acts that inspire fear and distrust. And the poor boys who know no differently! Great rant.

De said...

Strong stuff here. And amen. Zero tolerance. Period.

Anna Montgomery said...

I feel your outrage! This was difficult for me to read, the exploitation and rape of children always hits close to home. Why do people stigmatize the violated instead of punishing the abusers?

Mary said...

Any reason you didn't visit my poem?

Glenn Buttkus said...

Sweet Mary, I did visit, #13 out of 19 commenters; don't know how it was overlooked; smile.

Mary said...

You are right, Glenn! Apologies. Oddly, your responses never appear in my mail.... I do see it and appreciate it. As well as your return visit. Mea culpa.