Friday, September 25, 2015

The Truth

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The Truth

Time has seeped into
the cracks & crevices of
the once mighty Rome.
--Waseen Asmal.

Concrete flowers seem to gather
living lichen & mantles of moss
as their personal guests;

As do angels, sheep, bibles, & Celtic
crosses in ancient cemeteries;
where names fade under flora

and years lose their significance.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at With Real Toads
For Kerry & her HS students;
Inspired by Waseen Asmal--ROME


brudberg said...

The image of a lichen covered headstone is a strong one.

KL Clark said...

I think this is my favourite sevenling - I love the way you have picked up Waseem's idea and taken it further to contemplate life and death.

Margaret said...

My favorite and a must to share on my Pinterest. Love the image, adore the words. Well done, sir!