Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sisters of Mercy

Painting by Rick Mobbs

Sisters of Mercy

Sisters four
facing the sea
in their church dresses;
hues matching—
but not their purses;
orange, white, green, and blue,
their personalities shining through;
standing slightly
diagonally from
tallest to shortest;
the redhead seems
the youngest
midst two brunettes
and a blonde.

Handbags all clutched
in their left hands,
their right hands hidden—
clasped together
in familial bond, perhaps
pointing toward Europe
or Africa.

The clouds are ragged, dark, and thick,
the wind is brisk,
whipping up
strands of many-colored coif,
earthen drenched cotton,
all hanging just below their knees,
like yacht flags.

Why do they stand thus,
this band of sisters staring
as the incoming tide
pushes choppy waves
toward their feet?
What is their secret
or their pact?
Is this moment just
or resolve?

on this blustery afternoon
by the sea,
they stand as one
on eight legs;
some as mothers,
some as maidens,
coveting their truth—
simply wonderfully sisters

Glenn Buttkus 2008


Jo Janoski said...

I love your colorful images in this and curious observations of the sisters. I especially like the third stanza and "fluttering like yacht flags" -- great image.

Pam said...

Your poem is so full of wonderful images. My favorite line is 'earthen drenched cotton'. It seems to carry the sea, sand, and sky all at the same time.

Lirone said...

"They stand as one on eight legs" works beautifully for me... and I like the way you don't try to explain why they are there, just capture that they are.

one more believer said...

great point of view..facing the sea...every line every break speaks of a story..simply wonderful sisters 4ever...amen, blessings..