Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sam Elliott & Tom Selleck: Western Naturals

When it comes to appearing in Westerns, some actors are just "naturals". You put them on a horse, in chaps, straped with ordinance, using a Winchester or a Sharps, wearing a cowboy hat, wearing suspenders, wearing a moustache--and they look perfectly natural. Who is around to inherit the mantle of Glenn Ford, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Ben Johnson, and Joel McCrea? You guessed it, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. They both understand this. Selleck has worked a lot for Turner and TNT over the years bringing quality Westerns to television, as good as anything on the screen. Sam Elliott just sits a horse, fingers a pistol, and attracts the girls like the most heroic of matinee idols. I look forward to every new Western brought out by either of these actors. They have picked up the mantle and carry on with the highest traditions.

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Vicki Westgate said...

I agree, wholeheartedly. I've always loved Tom, since the first time I saw him on Magnum and as a cowboy....none I'd rather see. Oh and that other guy ain't no slouch either.