Monday, May 16, 2011


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I used to dream of having a big library,
with the roller ladder and all.
I'd wear a tweed jacket
with the leather elbow patches.
Peruse ancient tomes.
Big overstuffed arm chair
and a cello in the corner
that I had always wanted to
get around to learning how to play.
I would have "colleagues"
and we would discuss importantia.
I would be fluent in Greek and Latin...

Now I'm just glad that my basement ceiling
is high enough so that I can walk upright there.

Now, no matter what I read
it seems like I've read it before.

Now, I've taken more books to Half-Price
than are dreamed of in your philosophies.

Doug Palmer

aka: Lane Savant

Posted over on his site Feel Free to Laugh
Listed as #40 over on Magpie Tales 66

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