Wednesday, May 25, 2011

God's Finger

Image borrowed from Bing

God's Finger

They gather, they gossip
Outside it howls
Seconds later
They are making declarations
Of adoration
Loving one another during times
Of duress is natural
Loving one another
When you are cut off at on- ramp
Or forced to stop at a red light
Because someone was too slow
Not so easy
But do it anyway
Don’t let your last words be words
Of ill will
Let those times remind you
Patience is a virtue
Be virtuous today to your neighbor
Because tomorrow you could be huddled in a
Convenience store
Declaring your love
While the finger of
God threatens your life.

Kristen Haskell

Posted over on her site Living in the Middle
Listed as #53 over on Magpie Tales 67

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