Monday, May 30, 2011


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My knees went out and never came back.
My brain waves hit the beach and evaporated.
I can't find a cd with a Louis Louis cut,
and all the light bulbs are flickering
on and off as if there's a short
in the whole system.

Outside it's like one of those days
where zombies might be wandering around in a daze,
looking for sunshine to dry out in,
but instead there's a damp haziness
with just a tinge of sun glare
trying to break through the near- mist
and mommies pushing strollers up and down
with the older kids yelling
and the doggies dragged behind on a short leash.

Now, five minutes later, it's finally raining,
but nothing else has changed for better or worse.
That's progress.

Jim Mall

Posted over on his Facebook page.

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