Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stay In The Florid Calm

painting by amedeo modligliani

stay in the florid calm

· she wanted to eat yellow rose petals · · she wanted to draw
silk from her pores · · and suspend a heartweb
between rock and stone · she would deposit purledlines · a festival
of droplets and foam | and this game is committed · to heterogeneity

and was a civilization?
an impasse

nouned · the sky contracts into its blue · and ghosts boo you
the maize blossoms · despite muteness
the poplar tree trembles · haunted by photographs
and if you tour the wars · you will obviously become
an asthmatic
and if you've danced on a ryestalk · you'll love this
“ as cautiously they advance verbs touring your chastity |
green aspected leaflines tracing your chlorolatencies |

tongued capacities tripped infuse a wounded trust”
as you touches a passion in andante rogues

Anne Blonstein

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