Monday, July 25, 2011


Image borrowed from Bing.


Riding my bicycle up a some big long hill
Goin' up's a lotta work
but to me it's a thrill
Pushin' on the pedals,
and I'm panting like a dog
It's worth it when I get there
'cause it leads to my girl.
Come ride with me baby,
let's us give it a whirl.

Sundays with my baby on my new tandem bike.
She's holdin' on behind me,
yeah you know that's what I like
Zoomin' down by lakeside,
through some morning fog
Speedin' 'round the corners
with the wind in our hair.
Best thing about her is,
she likes to ride bare.

Doug Palmer

aka: Lane Savant

Posted over on his site Feel Free to Laugh
Listed as #39 over on Magpie Tales 75

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