Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Wrong

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it's wrong

When artist Mettla Maguire was commissioned by the mayor to create a piece of art to decorate the bare brick wall of the town hall, she knew exactly what she wanted. She used two different kinds of metal for the giant sunflower, and mounted it on the side of the town hall with a backing of blue metal roofing.

Soon, however, she was embarrassed, and eventually she was absolutely mortified. Instead of the petals turning yellow-orange as she had expected, the heart of the sunflower rusted, while the petals showed signs of turning black like sunflower seeds.

One night, thinking of the failure of her pièce de résistance, she drove to the town hall, making sure no one was around. She got out of her car carefully, quietly, and walked up to her sculpture on tiptoe. She grabbed one of the "petals" on the left of the flower and pulled on it. Suddenly, a loud alarm rang right in her ear and, as she stood there, frozen in shock, a police car drove up.

Now Mettla found herself on the other side of the town hall, in one of the two small jail cells, awaiting charges of vandalism, public mischief and assaulting a police officer. It was the latter charge that landed her in jail, but she'd had to fight back. "It's wrong!" she screamed as Constable Casey told her she would be facing vandalism charges. "It's so wrong! It's all wrong!" she repeated as she pushed him away from her.

"You're right, lady," said the newly-hired constable. "It's wrong to push a police officer head first into a rusty old windmill. I don't know why they had it rigged with an alarm, but that's not my problem."

Kay, Alberta, Canada

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