Tuesday, July 19, 2011


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He could tell her anything really
..oh, he couldn't help himself,
things were rough at work...
and she was just too preoccupied with
all the little things in life
like childbirth
and not concerned about keeping
herself beautiful enough
for him...
Note to self, she thought
I forgot to be a supermodel
while working and cleaning
and cooking and sending his
grandma a birthday card..
He could tell her anything really
she was counting the seconds
till he stopped
'guilty boy' face
written all over him
You don't have to
eat all the sweets in the jar
she felt like saying
just because they are there
He could tell her anything
even weep a tear
dont expect me to wipe that up
she thought
tear of guilt
forming a lake on his
poor little adulterer
He could tell her anything
she was wearing
her mask
of dignity
and composure
he couldn't see
the real story
behind it.

Brigid O'Conner

Posted over on her site Sort of Writing
Listed as #25 over on Magpie Tales 74

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