Monday, July 11, 2011

If Only

Painting borrowed from Bing

If Only

If only
I had not lacked so much from the beginning,
And I had had the good sense
To choose a different path from the one I chose,
And I had had the right kind of help
On the right path,
And therefore done the opposite to what I did,
And I had not been forced to do so much of what I did
at other men's behest,
And I had then known the half
of what I know now,
And I had been more serious,
Or I could be more serious right now,
And I would be as lucky as some others
who don't deserve their luck
and never valued it,
And I had ten times the worldly goods that I have now
And I could do what I simply can't achieve,
Or best of all,
If I were born again,

Well, then . . .

Ursula White

aka: Friko

Posted over on her site Friko's World
Listed as #9 over on Magpie Tales 73

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