Friday, February 10, 2012


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The bedlam of the storm
has passed,
reduced to a drizzle,
leaving steaming sidewalks,
doused emotions.

I study the details to kill
some time -
the tree resin that
sparkles when wet,
the beveled edge of
porch column bases,
the plush feel of the
seat cushion.

I imagine how the ripe
peach felt as the deluge
forced it from its limb
to hurtle its way to earth.
Or a child avoiding the lash,
hoping anger will rectify itself
before turning on his flesh.

How much time should elapse
for a bout of hysteria to pass?

The hush from inside indicates
a sense of calm…
much like prey must feel
being hypnotized by
the slithering reptile.

Risky to enter,
more so to leave
her alone.

Mark Windham

Posted over on his site Awakened Words

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, the pre-chosen vocabulary flows naturally