Thursday, February 9, 2012

Radio Daze

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Radio Daze

Some of us recall the mass hysteria
of a large portion of the radio audience,
that real bedlam in peachland, that stupefying

hush as Orson Welles realized the hypnotic
effect this script had on the public once
the fictional drama had elapsed;

as frightening
as a reptile in the bedsheets,
as a complete dousing with raw kerosene,
as being caught in a caustic drizzle of acid,
or being stabbed with a beveled blade
trapped in resin-like fear;

so once the farce was revealed, Welles
was dragged from his plush studio,
only avoiding the lash after he rectified
things with his mellifluous apology.

Glenn Buttkus

February 2012

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Anonymous said...

Visually imaginative similes/metaphors, loved reading it aloud, catacoustical constants, welcome subconscious echoes of Plath

reptile in the bedsheets
caustic drizzle of acid
resin-like fear
bedlam in peachland
beveled blade

Strange Brew Bubbling you got there - peaches, reptiles, kerosene, acid, resin, honey [mellifluous]


Anonymous said...

yikes "constants" = consonants