Monday, April 16, 2012


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For God’s sake,
wash your berry before
popping it plump into your piehole
of a mouth,

for it has been insanely sprinkled,
drenched and dunked
in carcinogen-ridden chemical sprays

ever since it was a mere seed,
never safe in its field,
never happy on its stem,
never fully nubile enough to please
the sunshine lothario-rays
endeavoring to embrace it,

always evil-moist and weeping
at its own harvest.

So stand up for organics
all you gleeful fruit marines--
do not permit the artificially induced
colors of those hot house berries

to sway you into a moronic forgetfulness,
letting loose of the more accurate aspect
of their former natural glory.

Glenn Buttkus

April 2012

Posted over on Monday Melting 13

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Anonymous said...

Stand up for organics. Love it. :)

These are my favorites:
"the sunshine lothario-rays"

"always evil-moist and weeping
at its own harvest"

De said...

Love the feel of this, grabbed me from the first line. Especially love this:
"always evil-moist and weeping
at its own harvest."

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Stand Up For Mother Earth!

And I detect some sexual innuedo between the lines! LOL!

Brian Miller said...

i am all for organic...and def wash it...unfortunately that wont take the steroids out that grew it....i am all for the 'all natural' go(o)d(n)esses...

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

Well, that was well written and destroyed me from having an evening snack. lol Good job, but sad how we ruin our food.

Kathe W. said...

damn- step away from MY berry!

Anonymous said...

The first comment was from me; I just forgot to include my name. I also left you a comment on the Week 13 post on my blog. Come read it.

Great work, Glenn.


Mark Windham said...

If I could just convince my wife to garden.... Oh well. A good write sir.

Yousei Hime said...

That was so much more fun listening to you read it than trying to tame it in my own rattling mind. Enjoyed it. :)

Anonymous said...

damn- step away from MY berry!