Friday, April 20, 2012

Hoka Hey

painting by peggy o'neal

 Hoka Hey 

There are a few good artists
who specialize in painting
Native Americans,

fueling my fascination
with Indian mythology,
magic, and red dust,
bright colored feathers,

the owl dance,
the stomp grounds,
commodity cheese,
Navajo blankets
and silver jewelry,

Hopi hand-made pottery,
taking coup,
all things Sherman Alexie,
cliff pueblos, plus

my white man’s apologies.

Glenn Buttkus

April 2012

 Posted over on Flash 55-G-Man

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Anonymous said...

Plus dawn, sun, pollen, rain, sacred hills, sun dance, ghost dance, beadwork, medicine wheels, dream catchers, skinwalkers, fry-bread, fathers, farther, and rez blues

Glenn Buttkus said...

Great additions, Anon, but that creates a second Flash 55.

Brian Miller said...

indian mythology is pretty fascinating...i have studied it a bit, for myself but also for some pieces written...i think there are several of us that owe that apology...

Anonymous said...

Love this: "fueling my fascination
with Indian mythology,
magic, and red dust" ... I dig the word "red" in everything these days. ;)

Great ending.

Manicddaily said...

Yes, you are right. A real mishmash. Crazy. K.

P.S. hope the G-man is feeling better. k.