Sunday, April 29, 2012


painting by john sokol

“Emotion steers us blind into schools of red herring.”
Emotion is
a strong dog slipped out of its leash,
a fiery falcon suddenly free of its hood,
a fist cramping but not unclenching,
a she-bear with two spring cubs,
a terrible thirst that demands immediate slacking,
a vicious thrust that disregards the parry,
a passionate penetration without compunction,
a lacerated wounding without thought of bandages,
a burst of tremendous speed without brakes,
a powerful punch without need of restraint,
a sudden breathlessness without oxygen,
a trio of carburetor throats linked wide open,
a persistent urge to leap headlong off tall bridges,
and without it we lose
and almost all good 
Glenn Buttkus
May 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect: "a strong dog slipped out of its leash" and
"a passionate penetration without compunction,
a lacerated wounding without thought of bandages"

Gorgous word: "pasticcio"

And that ending, Glenn! "and almost all good poetry" ... LOVE it!

Brian Miller said...

tru that truly powerful force to be used for good or bad, to manipulate or bring to life...its all in the heart that wields it....great piece man

robkistner said...

without emotion, two of my favorite things would be no more -- laughter and tears... nice piece Glenn...

Joan Barrett Roberts said...

I loved ur vivid words ~ painted visual images!

Rachel Hoyt said...

Very powerful poem! I loved all the alliteration in the list of things we lose. :)

paysan said...

That is wonderful Glenn and beautifully read and I love that urge to leap headlong off tall bridges!

Natasha Head said...

Outstanding! Bravo! Encore! It is my best, it is my worst, but by god, it is all me. I'm an emotional wreck. I can't watch the news without a huge lump forming in my throat and then when the tears start having to explain to hubby that he's not the cause of them! lol So much to read between the lines, above them/below them, but really...the finish says it all. Loved it!

Anonymous said...


Claudia said...

great piece glenn...touched me personally as there was a time in my life when i tried to shut out all emotions...still find it difficult at times but writing poetry is a good therapy for me when it comes to let them flow a bit...

Radiantlady said...

Simply, Glenn - sublime. Let's feat together on red herring on rye! ~ Bonita