Monday, April 30, 2012


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“I heard the night as if it were a chorus of women
beckoning me to their breasts.”--Anne Rice
Come on,
it is simplicity itself, remembering
when your mother lactated just for you,
and soon after traumatic weaning
you discovered a world bursting
with mastoid symbolism;
feeling aroused by the curves of a viola,
prows of great ships,
foothills and peaks,
silos and twin turbines,
Buick grills, stacks of torpedos,
forcing most real men to rhapsodize
over Victoria’s pushed-up commercials,
forming cadres of bosom worshippers,
earning eagle scout “chest rover” patches,
fighting that infernal need to give in
to breast-fixation,
feeling quixotic about reoccurring dreams
of being held prisoner between
Salma Hayek’s beauteous breasts,
never having an intermezzo
from the prevalent chesty temptations
on every corner, billboard, and media-pitch,
and constantly feeling bilked
when nipples fail to appear,
needing to suture countless hearts
broken by buxom beauties;
needing to palaver with other tit-men
for validation regarding our visceral instincts,
and finally knowing that only an atrophic wit
can be the primary sanctuary
for twitchy hands
and spontaneous drooling.
Glenn Buttkus
April 2012

Posted over on Monday Melting 15

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up, Glenn. I guess I set myself up for this response with "lactate" and "mastoid" on the list. :)

Thanks for getting on the black-and-white bandwagon today; I know you chose this picture for the super cute dress.

"and soon after traumatic weaning
you discovered a world bursting
with mastoid symbolism" ... Hilarious. My daughters are going to be in trouble since I have been nursing them for so many years.

"cadres of bosom worshippers,
earning eagle scout “chest rover” patches" ... Ha! When I take my daughter to girl scouts Thursday night, I'm going to be giggling in remembrance of this.

I think this is my favorite:
"never having an intermezzo
from the prevalent chesty temptations" ... And oh that last stanza. I can tell you had fun with this one!

Laurie Kolp said...

I knew you would take the words in this direction, Glenn!

Lane Savant said...

Climbing mountains. Searching for the fountain of youth. Searching for that big rock candy mountain.
Buying beer. Buying cars. Diet pills.
Too good to be true. Just around the corner. Lottery tickets.
The eternal quest for the easy fix.
Magic, magic, magic.
The land of milk and honey
Long neck bottles of beer.
Take a swig of this. The first taste is free.
Shang Ree Lah di Dah.

Adrian Sparks said...

Fun writing.
It took me a few minutes to get past the image. Kinda got lost there for a while . . .

Hannah said...

Ha ha!!! I love this, I often wonder if my guys (male kiddos), will be extra all-about-the-bosom! Great write!