Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Be Happy

painting by gina de gorna

How To Be Happy

tie your poems with spider silk
to the shoulders of yellow tulips
and wait for your socks to sing.

say your favorite word ten times
fast while spinning on a piano stool
that sailed on a tall ship from rome.

dance on stained-glass sidewalks
where painters are selling secrets
vangoghed with ribbons of rain.

sleep between sheets of music
on a pillow of mountain forest
under blankets of gypsy moon.

wake to the sound of silence
and pour it on the good things
already dangling around you.

Jannie Funster

Posted over on her site Jannie Funster


Anonymous said...

Excellent imagery, surreal to the hilt, bizarre in a good trippy way, feeling a bit of vertigo!

Lane Savant said...

Lovely, lovely, I'll get started on it right away.

Anonymous said...

I do believe this is the best poem ever written in the history of mankind. ;) Thanks for sharing her work. And oh my, is that painting incredible! Off to check out the poet and painter. You are awesome, Glenn.