Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Many Miles

Painting by Rick Mobbs.

Many Miles

We’ve walked together many miles
Upon this road - called Life -
And by-the-by I’ve learned some things
Some good - some not so nice.

Life offers us both Likes and Loves
They’re out there - everywhere -
So hush - and look and listen - please
Be still - and step with care.

For God has given everything
From Eyes - to Grand Design -
And puts us on a different Path
With different Peaks to climb.

Together - Rivers wide we crossed
Together - Roads we walked
With every mile - we sang and laughed
And cried - then barely talked.

Rivers - mountains - crossed them all
Now hushed - I step with care
I drank too deeply - then I cried
To learn of life’s Despair.

I reawoke - one gracious morn
To see the Dawn - out there -
In subtle Hues - the Darkness left
And - Light - now Everywhere.

Janet Leigh

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rick said...

Hey Janet, I stumbled across this and I love it. Can you somehow link it back to my blog. I would like to let others know what people are doing with the images. Thanks, Rick