Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 Poems

Painting by M.J. Ranum

3 poems


He sees her urgent face.
Lakes folded into the palm of the hills.
Large twolegged passersby.
Sky gods
earth gods
gods of the air
legions of angels.
In the land
where everyone does everything backwards.


Imagine the moon between its arms
like the sky, or
the down on a woman’s legs. There’s
a cactus here, a kind of
prickly pear with down where the spines should be.
full of tiny spines.


The black spot on the dove’s neck.
The ill-favored son of the loveliest of men.
The tough lyricist
the desert dancer
barefoot among the cactus.
Quiet. Slow.
Serpent-knowledge in the hollows of rocks.

Mark Weiss

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