Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Blog Party

The Blog Party

One by one the guests
stagger from the stars
into my comment box,
some bundled up in
garlands of little birds
laughing and dancing,
some robed in oceans
of late summer sunset.
Others in sepia scenes.
Some wear hats made
of rainbows, and socks
knit from lilies and lace.
Some smell like lilacs.
Some smell like lemons.
Some smell like the light
of the newlywed moon.
Two or three smell like
full length leather coats
not worn since 1975.
Some carry trays packed
with pies and maps and
freshly baked dreams.
Some carry only a rose.
Some flounce in early
with explosions of lupines
dripping from their hair,
to sway by the fire, then
float through the crowd and
slip out my music-room door.
Some limp in after midnight
soaked in beer, to swirl into
my heart and my soul and my
coffee mornings forever.
Others drift away in the fog.
But whoever the sweeties
– from whatever planet,
the more the merrier here!

Jannie Funster

Posted over on her site Jannie Funster , and she will warble for fresh donuts and cold beer.

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