Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Green Man

Image borrowed from Yahoo

Green Man

Once again, Green Man, armed
with nothing but his stout staff,
must battle the fearsome,
sword-wielding Frost Queen for supremacy
on the bridge at Valley's End.

Inevitably, he wins;
there would be no Spring
and no May Festival otherwise,
which would be very sad.

So all the shouting and clashing of wills
on the bridge is worth it,
although it does seem rather silly at times;
but then, that is tradition, they say,
like the Morris Dancers,
the Mummers' Play,
the Maypole Dancing,
the Marching Bands and Drummers,
the duck races on the river,
and the folk music groups.

It brings the tourists
and there is the fine sound
of jingling tills
to accompany the festivities.


Posted over on her site Friko's World


Friko said...

I am totally amazed. How did this become a poem?

Anonymous said...

It started in your poetic soul.