Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2/7ths Of a Life

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2/7ths of a Life

1. Saturday is for waffles, slow walks,
and grading.
2. We never realized how comforting
a clean kitchen can be.
3. In the evening, we go through the house,
covering all the mirrors so no ghosts can get in.
4. It’s easy to forget when you have
no time to remember.
5. Headaches become a way of life.
6. We walk everywhere because rubber
is cheaper than gas.
7. Monsters are no longer scary,
but our bosses have become monsters.
8. You’ll grow to hate dishes.
9. You’ll grow to wish you’d taken
that drunk girl home.
10. Showering means more clothes to wash.
11. Crying over Gogol’s birthday.
12. Bed picnics on Sundays.
13. Mel Brooks movies aren’t enough.
14. Jokes become complaints.
15. My heart is pure but my head is full of sand.
16. We miss something neither of us can name.
17. We’ll eat each other to save our hearts
from the cannibals.

C.L. Bledsoe

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