Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breakfast in Spain

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Breakfast in Spain

Years and years ago-
back in the early 1970's-
my former husband and I
decided we would rent
our little house in Portland, Oregon
and go live in Spain for a year.
So we saved our money,
rented out the house and
with my two young sons Phillip and Paul,
we embarked on this adventure.

We arrived very late in the night
as our flight had been
delayed for 7 hours.
Jet lagged and cranky we stayed
the first night in what
was not a very nice place.
We really felt quite disoriented
and discombobulated.

The next morning we found an apartment
to rent and settled in
by going shopping for groceries
and cooking up a huge evening meal.
Our favorite family meal
has always been breakfast,
so I made bacon,
hash brown potatoes
and lots of fried eggs and toast.

After devouring our tasty and familiar meal-
we knew all was well
and settled in for our year long adventure.

Kathe Worsley

Posted over on her site Snappy Repartee
Listed as #50 over on Magpie Tales 62

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