Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Purge

Image by Tess Kincaid

Spring Purge

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.
William Shakespeare

You drag
empty boxes
from a well-buried cellar
thump them one by one
up the dusty steps

and methodically
slice through duct tape
with your silent box-cutter
fill each virginal square
with a kaleidoscope
of Shakespeare

Sibelius and light
render me gapeseed
excited like taking
a lot of vitamin pills
or drinking
too much coffee

under my skin
spring on my forehead
like a high fever

Tess Kincaid
April 2011

***Spring usually hits the Midwest like a hot Mack truck, but this year, I've quite enjoyed the gentle, luscious, foggy-soggy-wet-of-a spring. I spontaneously bought a toy kaleidoscope last week, just like the one I had as a little girl. Spring fever. It must be.

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