Thursday, April 28, 2011

Other Paths

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Other Paths

“Christ, they are still finding me in droves.”

mother mushrooms purple scarf
ruger tortoise revolver shell
janeth red bay-song hat
raspberry rainier chapeau askance
slide wound stupidity recoil scrape
redford derringer ford balcony boothe
saoirse freckles combat bones
breasts breadfruit bumps satin-bra
code jake train chicago physics
steelheart tramps kistner passage
curtain grand narrow honey cups
river key bank black-sand machine
smoking blue brass hot sculpture ankles
cactus juice flower rickitiki wings
baboon bassoon bubblegum marauders
patina hanged-man gee-dub follies
savage stone lips buckeye babe
little fire brother adams ring lost
silver zuke chrome sweatshirt superman
spit up rylee crotch-snap darling
leather fringe trash tv brownies
surround hollywood surrender syndrome
macro shadow design grains stain
dandelion yard-darts killer spick-et
outside keezie dead-mouse crunchers
headstone huli-huli angel italian poi ferns
wild turkeys swine root peacock droppings
easter nest two lonely pizza box grease
oil pain paintings new flash-flood hispania
moss-orchid ash palace cuttings
koa hook whale-bone necklace coral
tiny stephen turnings exotica vase pots
steam-plume kiss volcanic asthma
black sea turtle beached untouchable
chapel empty roof jesus electric-blue.

Glenn Buttkus

April 2011

Would you like the Author to read this poem to you?


Judy Mauer said...

I told Stephen that he has been immortalized in one of your poems. LOL
Yes, I do read every word.

Rob Kistner said...

This is full of startling images Glenn. I am curious what sparked and/or drove your writing it...


janetleigh said...

This is like looking through a kaleidoscope of your mind, Glenn. Truly remarkable head trip - and it all started, well almost, with mushrooms. Didn't think I'd catch that, didja? heh heh {{{hugs}}}