Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some Advice On Sensible Drinking

Some Advice On Sensible Drinking

Drink to forget is wrong,
the more you drink,
the more you will remember.

It's best to drink with meals,
before, and after.
Delectable food with wine,
each enhance the other.

Drink to remember,
drink at leisure,
let your soul float on the wings of wine,
and let the conversation explore
the meaning of the universe.

Let there be two of you,
drink to each other
and let the wine take you to lovers' shore.

I like it best to drink my wine in happy company,
when friends meet in convivial mood around a table,
where we can sit into the night,
discuss and solve the questions
no one else can answer.

But do not drink alone
and do not drink to wash away your sadness;
stop before the swarm of bees in your head
drowns out the sound of silence
and always put down your glass
when you are angry or ashamed.

In Vino Veritas,
that is, to speak truth in these days,
one has to be drunk first.


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