Friday, July 1, 2011

Fly Free

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Fly Free

What the earth
The sky
Her elemental colours
Her new colourful banner wings

High into the air
She could Fly Free
Gaia's topsy-turvy gyrations
Keep proximity grounded
Gravity soon free fall away
To Capture
distant patterns of the lost echo
of a thousand flapping flags
winging it

all the while
a lone lonely bird
encircled our encampment thrice
then flew wildly past
a fury of frantic frenzy
to the opening to the north

and all those below
whose names were called to come
were bound on this home bound train
to find the Great Beyond
always right here
and now
Fly Free!

Jane Jones

Posted over on her site Service Only
Listed as #88 over on Magpie Tales 71

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