Friday, July 1, 2011

Just Fogged Up

Image borrowed from Bing

Just Fogged Up

Laid back on my bean bag
Fog lined in haze
Corners of my
Copper donned space
Light up and breathe
Grievous; I set the mood
Withal rhythm in sync.

Coquet colors cover
Surface in;
Silent hums wipe off
That Grey shade
Solitude grace;
This perennial phase
And zephyr,
Not one, but a flock
In colored attires

I lift my clogged glance
Staring at weird shapes;
That flies in front
With a blend of trance..
Fantasy I embrace
And grin..
They smile!
Slow in motion;
That what engulfs
All’s mystery here;
Where I fly now
This strike of;
Well done!

I light yet
My Mary Jane;
With all life
That’s living within
I bless this bliss..
Shrill what's not yet..
Night bestows;
An illusion
Strange patterns
Race across this horizon!
Lurking deceit or
That what lingers are;
Peaceful souls

Shakes the second
Green of more;
What I see around
Relief there's more
Tribute to you..
This cannabis
Light I over;
This pipe from the;
Sands of Italy
That what a gaffer
Yielded me
To own in time
Furnished with
Rosewood rims
Carvings of
Greek figures that lure..
I cram the top..
With green and what's not..

It kisses my breath..
I let it out
Like a French kiss
With tongues..
A twist!
It changes!!
I choke on this;
Mind crunched with
Happiness and myth..
I fall back..
Think it's the dose..

Those clayey drops
In my throat
Dripping through
What I breathed..
They suffocate!
Help me let out
And I sneeze
I sneeze..
I look for an answer
And I get what I seek!
'Twas not the green
I littered within
My dreamy chamber..
'Twas the pepper
From the little blue dip
Mumbling in flavor..

What colors can do
Shake you out of this sense..
I lift those
Clogged dabs again..
Stare at what's left!
Does my room;
Mirror what's my
Or does it portray
What I feel??
Coz' those slimy shapes
That flies in front
Still exists...
After me shaken
And sound!
They smile again..
Slow in motion
That what engulfs
All’s mystery yet
Where I fly now,
This strike of
Well done...!

Simi Simibg

aka: Fiducia

Posted over on her site Rivera's Flame and Ice
Listed as #76 over on Magpie Tales 71

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