Thursday, November 17, 2011

Empty Chairs

image borrowed from bing

Empty Chairs

I see her alone now
Amongst the empty
Chairs where children
Once sat and sang
Clanging on triangles
And clapping blocks
Of wood in time
Well mostly in time

A kazoo she blew
Carefree swirling
Like the swishing skirt
Of a woman born to dance
As she busies herself
About the house
Singing as she dusts
The knick-knacks

Silence settles over
The scene as music
Fades and grass grows
Where once art
And joyous laughter
Rang free as cow bells
Only a solemn knell is heard
Tolling a conformist dirge

Lemuel Crouse

aka: Dr. Linthead

Posted over on his site Child of a Frosty Morning
Listed as #17 over on Magpie Tales 91

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