Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Poor, White, and Alright

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Poor, White, and Alright

Random red loveseat
sitting on a curb
in this distant, cold
city to which I ran...
away from the hunter
who stalked my nights...
away from the family
that could only see
Preacher Friday
when they looked at me...
away from you, too,
dear brother of mine.
I had to find myself,
be myself...sit alone
in the office chair
of my life.
That does not mean
I do not long for one
last night of sharing
the old sofa we put
out on granny's porch...
smoking and sipping and
annoying the neighbors
with rock and/or roll
and lots and lots
of laughter.

Lemuel Crouse

aka: Dr. Linthead

Posted over on his site Child of a Frosty Morning
Listed as #49 over on Magpie Tales 93

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