Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Once In the Suntan of my Youth

image by jannie funster

Once in the Suntan of my Youth

Once in the suntan of my youth,
back when I wore my hair short
and my zest for adventure long,
I posed atop Grouse Mountain
with a girl I’d known one minute.

I think her name was Suzie.

She was really nice.
(And probably still is.)

When I’m famous she’ll come to one of my concerts
and slip a gilded notecard to a burly bodyguard,
thus reuniting us forever!

In the notecard will be her 1986 photo
of us smiling there above Vancouver,
hers a slightly different pose of course,
maybe with me tipping up my wineskin,
both of us doing high can-can leg flings.

Jannie Funster

Posted over on her site Jannie Funster

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