Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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It was winter and my morning commute to my boring job had to be altered due to much needed street repairs. The skies overhead cast shades of grey everywhere, threatening snow. No sun, no blue sky; my life had progressed into a stage of the doldrums, as my poor departed Grandmother would often say. I faced the future alone with no promise of brighter days. I felt as worthless as the sun behind the blanket of clouds, unable to warm the earth, her inhabitants--or my heart. With each passing day I felt relief at being one day closer to the end of my life. After all, what was left for me?

As I turned onto an unknown street, my eyes were greeted with a blast of vibrant color. I squinted into the blaze before me, unaccustomed to the glaring beauty. Something began to warm within the center of my being. A smile played at the corners of my usually pursed lips. A derelict couch, abandoned by its former owner, sat proudly against the grey of the cement wall. Although tattered and worn, it proudly professed its cheeriness to the world. A beacon to all who chanced to make the turn. I stopped to gaze upon it's beauty, to share its hope for a better day. I drove away humming, directing my auto in the opposite direction from my work. Deciding to go shopping instead of to work. It might be a good day to rethink my future, find a new job perhaps. Why not? If that old couch could have hope for a better day, then why not me?

C. Hummel Kornell

Posted over on his site CHK, Artist, Photographer, and Writer
Listed as #6 over on Magpie Tales 93

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