Monday, November 28, 2011

For Emily

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Doug Palmer has always had a love affair
with Emily Dickinson. One day I inquired,
"Why do you have a Jones for a bag of bones?".

Over on dVerse Poets
they did a tribute to Miss Emily, and
posted her poem, "Because I Could Not
Stop For Death". Doug was so inspired
that he wrote a paean to Emily himself:

For Emily

"Ooh, I love Emily! -
I would not wait for death -
I was running at full speed -
Along fourteenth avenue -
Where a bus ran over me."

"I would not stop for the stop sign -
Tho it kindly stopped for me -
The motorcycle cop gave -
Some advice to me for free -

Do not do that again she said -
In a stern and serious voice -
Because it is a law young man -
It is not a choice -

So I saluted and capitulated -
And promised never again -
While, in my head, the words ran free -
Fat chance, cutie pie -
Fat chance."

Doug Palmer

Posted on his Facebook page, and mine.

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